What We Do

Harmonised World provides Learning & Development Training, Strategic Advisory and Investment services internationally to Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Multi-Tiered Organisational Teams.

We focus our time, energy and resources to help clients create high levels of economic and personal value that together we set new standards of excellence in our respective industries, progressing society and benefiting the planet.







Through our Training, Advisory and Investments we help our Clients make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions, and deliver the sustainable success they desire.  In short, we help our Clients become a more effective, valuable, enriched version of themselves.


Learning & Development

We create learning and development experiences for busy professionals who want more from themselves, or their businesses, or their teams, than they are currently achieving.

For You

Investing in Yourself is no longer a luxury, it is essential.  For those who want support and guidance for results in an area of their life they would like to improve.

Would you like to be a more effective, valuable and enriched version of yourself?

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The Ultimate Journey

The Ultimate Journey – Accelerated Results Programme with Mentoring

Personal Development

Programmes To Make You More Effective, Valuable And Enriched

Personal Mentoring Coaching

Highest Transfer Of Knowledge, Resulting In Rapid Development

For Your Business

Are you a Director or Senior Executive who could use support developing yourself, your business or organisation?

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Strategic Advisory Projects

A Cost Effective Resource For Entrepreneurs & Executive Teams

Business Development

Programmes To Help You Solve Challenges In Your Business

Business Mentoring Coaching

Highest Transfer Of Knowledge, Resulting In Rapid Development

For Your Team

Are you a Director or Senior Executive who could use support improving your team’s efficiency and effectiveness?

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Team Member Development

Programmes To Help Them Be More Effective,Valuable & Enriched

Team Skills Development

Programmes To Give Your Team The Essential Skills for Teamwork

Team Performance

Programmes To Enable Your Team To Adapt And Execute Efficiently

Strategic Advisory Projects

Get the progress you want on problems that have been unresolved and are limiting your growth.

Strategy no matter how great, is only as good as its execution. Strategic Advisory Projects are a cost effective resource for top management and entrepreneurs seeking objective insight to achieve the next level of success for their business or organisation.

They provide immediate, real value for those who are growing fast and need smart people for just the right amount of time, and don’t necessarily have the capital to recruit a full time resource. They’re a great fit for companies looking to stretch their budgets, and also tap into top talent who bring real experience in the trenches and a network of connections needed to scale the business.

Whether your business or organisation is a start-up venture or established, Strategic Advisory Projects can provide experience-based focused on your specific needs and aspirations.



We help growing businesses with private equity or angel investor strategies and investments.

We can help entrepreneurs to make critical investments in technology, research and development, marketing sales channel development, and myriad other post-startup/pre-corporate processes required to truly bring an idea to market.

We spend a third of our time venturing and doing risk-based work, where we invest our own time and resources in generating transaction ideas, and in helping to build and finance developing businesses.

Partnering with diverse businesses, united by a desire to win. It’s with these like-minded visionaries that we form long-term collaborations, working to solve existing challenges and innovate across all sectors of business and society.

Individuals, businesses or organisations requiring investment are selected after completing Life Solution Programmes or Business Solution Programmes and are a member of HW Communities.


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Our purpose is to help individuals, businesses, and organisations build their own sustainable capability for improvement.

If you knew that a better life and business was easily within your grasp, would you take advantage of it?