There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the ability to execute them. Develop your effectiveness and efficiency. Business Learning Programmes High ethical standards bring about efficient business methods. Strategic Advisory Projects Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Business Learning Programmes Your income is directly related to your philosophy, not the economy. Executive Mentoring Coaching More business is lost through neglect than through any other cause. Develop your effectiveness and efficiency. Business Learning Programmes

Are you a Director or Senior Executive who could use support developing yourself or improving your team’s performance?

We create and deliver high-impact experiential learning initiatives that drive alignment, mindset change, building execution capability around strategic and tactical priorities. Most of our Clients have a wealth of professional experience, but have received little or no formal management training, undermining their confidence in their own leadership abilities.  Running a business on gut-feeling and personal attachment can never be objective. Many Clients have businesses that they consider reasonably successful and secure, but they have a feeling of suppressed ambition, and are searching for inspiration.

Harmonised World offers three methods to accelerate your progress in business or organisation to becoming a more effective, valuable and enriched version of yourself.

What are Harmonised World Business Solutions?

Strategic Advisory Projects

Harmonised World Strategic Advisory Projects are a cost effective resource for top management and entrepreneurs seeking objective insight to achieve the next level of success for their business.

They provide immediate, real value for companies who are growing fast and need smart people for just the right amount of time, and don’t necessarily have the capital to recruit a full time resource. They’re a great fit for companies looking to stretch their budgets, and also tap into top talent who bring real experience in the trenches and a network of connections needed to scale the business.

Whether your business is a start-up venture or an established company, Strategic Advisory Projects can provide experience-based focused on your specific needs and aspirations.

Business Solution Learning Programmes

Harmonised World Business Programmes blend live training experiences and/or mentoring coaching, with your business problem based assignments to create the optimal learning environment for individuals and organisations. We develop and implement end to end solutions wherever our clients need us throughout the world.

Our Business Learning Programmes

Business Mentoring Coaching Programmes

Harmonised World Business Mentoring Coaching is often the favoured route of Business Owners, CEOs and HR Departments because it is considerably more time efficient and effective than any other intervention. It is individually tailored to the person being mentored, aligned with the organisations needs and is entirely outcome focused.

Our Business Mentoring Coaching Programmes

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Are you and your team properly equipped with the skills, knowledge and ethical understanding you need to perform at the highest level?

Businesses & Organisations achieve better results, faster, when the workforce is aligned to the strategy, has the right mindset to approach execution with a sense of urgency and purpose, and has mastered the capabilities needed to execute. The growth payoff for our clients comes only when they’ve addressed their first, next and last obstacle to growth. Each one of their obstacles will be unique but interconnected. That’s why we start with strategy. In any market or sector the top players all understanding what drives profitability and cash flow, through a market focused approach, where the team and stakeholders have an overall big picture understanding of the business and its interrelationships.

In many companies, if you mention the words ‘business literacy’ employees and even some owners immediately get the shakes. Unfortunately, many companies’ training programs don’t help matters much. The teachers lecture employees in often long, information overloaded classes, with little traction into standard working practices. Our process helps clients to clarify the business outcomes, create methods to achieve with accountability, provide support and advice during the period of change, giving focus and direction. Where you and your business are in the league of your sector or industry can make you a billionaire or broke.

The core strength of our programmes are in the combination of intellectual, commercial and professional experience that results in Harmonised World being uniquely equipped to engage in highly successful executive and team development. A broad industry knowledge and experience across a variety of client sectors significantly enhances our programme experience. Our facilitators include those who have direct experience of operating as part of a Board as well as those with many years’ experience of working at a senior level.

favorite-heart Love Us Or Get Your Money Back

Our promise Love Us Or Get Your Money Back. One of the most common reasons given for not getting help when needed, is the lack of confidence in getting the changes and improvements being sought, causing reluctance to risk money. It doesn’t have to be this way.  Rather than think about how much it would cost and ‘what happens if…’, we have made easy your decision to start and let the results speak for themselves. If you are not satisfied in any way for the service that has been delivered, Harmonised World gives you a 100% Love Us Or Get Your Money Back Guarantee for all our Life and Business Programmes also Life and Business Mentoring Coaching.

For more information talk to us or contact us to request our Terms and Conditions.

Are you interested in learning more?

We have a long history of working with businesses and organisations to help them to understand their leadership challenges and identify the most appropriate interventions. Our aim is to help businesses and organisations build their own sustainable capability for improvement. Harmonised World Business Solution Learning Programmes, aimed at those wanting a smarter, sharper, better business and life. If you knew that a better business and life was easily within your grasp, would you take advantage of it?

If you would like to commission a Project or Programme, or to arrange an informal and friendly chat to learn more about Harmonised World Business Solution Learning Programmes contact us.