Every day decisions are made that affect the financial performance of the organisation. Enable your Team to adapt and execute efficiently. Business Learning Programmes Being the top of the organisation requires you to be the most effective. How effective was your last skills update? Business Learning Programmes Your team are critical to the business success. Are you developing their skills to perform at the highest level? Business Learning Programmes It is not what it costs to train employees. It is what it costs not to train them. Business Learning Programmes

Our Programmes Are Designed To Make Your Business or Organisation More Effective Valuable And Enriched.

Harmonised World Business Solution Learning Programmes are unique, comprehensive and entertaining. They are tailored to the needs and wants of each Client, with core principles specific to each area of improvement.

Aimed at those wanting a smarter, sharper, better business and life. You are guided through step-by-step proven systems, receiving the detailed focus you need, with support to ensure that you not only attain the results you seek, but that you do so more quickly, with less pain, and far greater joy than you ever imagined possible.

Our programmes are designed to…

  • Identify your own and your co-workers brain modality style and preferences
  • Understand why you and they do the things you do, and how to change and influence
  • Overcome the blocks that prevent you from achieving what you want
  • Identify and achieve the business goals, setting new standards for yourself and the team
  • Be pushed and be held accountable to your actions
  • Dramatically improve the quality of your teams relationship and company’s culture
  • Manage the work hours effectively avoiding overspill into your teams personal lives
  • Begin to accumulate and invest your business wealth

Business Solution Learning Programmes are designed for…

  • Business owners and executives who want improve their skills in a specific area
  • Small- and Medium-sized businesses who want to be more effective valuable enriched versions of themselves
  • Organisations who are looking for assistance for developing and training their staff and teams.

We offer Business Learning Programmes in 2 ways

  1. Onsite at your location
  2. Offsite at an agreed location

Programme Dates & Location

Each of our Programmes are delivered exclusively on demand throughout the year, wherever our clients need us around the world. During our initial communications we will agree the best method of delivery for your learning or for deliver to your organisation.

Tuition & Investment

Harmonised World provides all educational and curriculum creation, delivery for the agreed programme. Our approach to Business Learning Programmes revolves around…

  • Real world strategies and practical advice so you move from thinking about your problems to taking action and solving them
  • An accountability system that guarantees you will see results, stay motivated and focused
  • Fresh perspective to challenge your limiting beliefs and negative habits
  • Support when you actually need it.

timeLeadership Development & Management

Does your Leadership or Management Development Programme reflect your brand? For years, business and organisations have lavished time and money on improving the capabilities of managers and on nurturing new leaders. When upward of 500 executives were asked to rank their top three human-capital priorities, leadership development was included as both a current and a future priority. Companies admit that they have failed to exploit their business opportunities fully because they lack enough leaders with the right capabilities.

We don’t train leaders, we develop them. If what you desire is a robotic, static thinker – train them. If you’re seeking innovative, critical thinkers – develop them. It is impossible to have an enterprise which is growing and evolving if leadership is not. This programme is not about learning a set of rules on how to behave. It is about developing resilience, suspending judgement and finding creative, ethical responses to difficult issues. As a result of becoming more aware of your own, and others’ emotions, you will be able to communicate and lead more effectively.

  • Leadership & Management

    Programmes with Mentoring

    We work with you to create the best solution for your most urgent problems.

    We don’t train leaders, We develop them.

sportsBrand Strategy & Positioning

Your company brand is the lifeblood of the business: It is a statement of your company’s personality and a declaration of company values. Your business and products must inspire how people feel, influence how they behave, and compel them to act. With the right positioning strategy, branding creates an indelible impression that allows consumers to engage with a company on a more personal, emotional level. To create this degree of awareness, you can use one of a number of positioning strategies to which you can anchor your brand.

Positioning a brand as the solution to a consumer’s problem is also a powerful strategy. One common problem is that even when businesses find areas with rich potential for example – new products, new geographies or even a whole new business model, however their implementation plans don’t creatively compel changes in buyer behaviour. Your business may be successful, your customers may be content, but are you letting new opportunities to improve efficiency or acquire, keep, and grow customers slip through your grasp?

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning

    Programmes with Mentoring

    We work with you to create the best solution for your most urgent problems.

    What value does your brand give?

  • people (1)Team &  Company Culture

    Business’s role within society, from the perspective of a range of stakeholders, is changing. These changes are placing increased pressure on organisations to transform in order to meet expectations. The workplace should not be something that people dread every day. Employees should look forward to going to their jobs. In fact, they should have a hard time leaving because they enjoy the challenges, their co-workers, and the atmosphere. While the work may be difficult, the culture should not add to the stress of the work. Team and company culture should be designed to alleviate work related stress.

    The biggest driver for change comes, unsurprisingly, from technology, consumer and employee expectations. As your company grows, culture can exert its powerful effect on people by steering them to act or to behave in a certain way when the path is otherwise unclear. Happy, engaged, enthusiastic employees increase productivity, and when a business is more productive, that means it is working faster, efficiencies increase profitability. It’s no wonder that organisations are making large investments to build and nourish their culture.

  • Team & Company Culture

    Programmes with Mentoring

    We work with you to create the best solution for your most urgent problems.

    Together, we can win.

  • businessSales & Marketing

    Sales are the heart of any business. Without sales, you don’t have a business. The ability to convince people to spend their money is probably the most valuable skill in business. Knowing your customers, the market and the competition is not enough to ensure sales success. The reality is that you have more data about your own organisation’s behaviour than your customers. Although it may sound counterintuitive, this is a huge benefit that you can use to your advantage to drive sales and business efficiency.

    Exporting presents us with huge opportunities to grow our sales, but it is not just a case of pricing our products in a different currency or including a different language instruction manual, it is about understanding the market you want to sell to, getting access to potential customers and promoting your products in a culturally acceptable manner. Working together you will be shown how to build customer value models that give you a better understanding of the value of your offerings to target customers and market segments — and that help you deliver market offerings to better meet customers’ requirements and preferences.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Programmes with Mentoring

    We work with you to create the best solution for your most urgent problems.

    Without sales, you don’t have a business.

  • mechanicOperations & Processes

    Everything you wear, eat, sit on, use, read or knock about on the sports field comes to you courtesy of the operations managers who organised its production. Operations and process are significant central functions of all organisations, whether they produce goods or provide services, and whether they are in the private, public or voluntary sectors. Operations and processes are where competitive advantages, strategic plans, activities and critical decisions are tested.

    Irrespective of their size, all companies need to produce and deliver their products and services efficiently and effectively. Large companies may have the resources to dedicate individuals to specialised tasks but smaller companies often cannot, making people do different jobs as the need arises. This informal structure flexibility can allow the company to respond quickly as opportunities or problems present themselves. However roles and decision making can become diluted with bottlenecks created in other functions. We help our clients organise their operations and processes around their organisations strategic outcomes focusing on their clients specific needs.

  • Operations & Processes

    Programmes with Mentoring

    We work with you to create the best solution for your most urgent problems.

    Effective, valuable, enriched

  • business (1)Relationship Advancement

    Relationships take time. Exceptional client service constitutes a core value for the business. Every interaction with the Client or Customer enhances or decreases their commitment to you or your organisation. The success of a company hinges largely on strong client relationships. However no amount of personal connection can substitute for great services or products. Happy clients are more likely to make referrals. Relationship Advancement is not only about making more sales, it’s about helping your clients create better businesses.

    Like any relationship, unless a client relationship is moving forwards, it is moving backwards, eroded by manifold pressures including ever-stiffer competition. Helping you to help your clients to engage and explore the potential benefits of a deeper relationship through alignment of their objectives, relationship styles, processes, language, and culture. Knowledge about clients is applied to customising interaction and service delivery. We can also help business-to-business relationships move beyond the buy-sell relationship to one of partnership. This entails jointly creating and sharing value, and is characterised by value-sharing contracts, deep mutual disclosure of objectives, and joint initiatives that draw on the resources of both organisations.

  • Relationship Advancement

    Programmes with Mentoring

    We work with you to create the best solution for your most urgent problems.

    Your network is your net worth.

  • newProducts & Services Innovation

    You’ve got an idea that could revolutionise your company – in fact you’ve had it for ages. But you’ve been so busy with business as usual that the idea has not had a chance to breathe. Every company, in every industry, no matter what size needs an innovation strategy. Now more than ever, innovation is key to growth, to acquiring and sustaining competitive advantage, and to building shareholder value for the long term. The innovation process is fast becoming more open, and more global.

    You may have identified an area into which your business should be moving but you’re unsure where to start. We help demystifies the innovation process, providing brilliant basics, a clear vision and structured roadmap. There is no correlation between the amount of money a company spends on research and development and its overall financial results. We provide perspectives on how to achieve strategic objectives through the development of new products, adjacent markets, breakthrough innovations, new value propositions and new business models.

  • Products & Service Innovation

    Programmes with Mentoring

    We work with you to create the best solution for your most urgent problems.

    Innovation is key to growth.

  • favorite-heart Love Us Or Get Your Money Back

    Our promise Love Us Or Get Your Money Back. One of the most common reasons given for not getting help when needed, is the lack of confidence in getting the changes and improvements being sought, causing reluctance to risk money. It doesn’t have to be this way. Rather than think about how much it would cost and ‘what happens if…’, we have made easy your decision to start and let the results speak for themselves. If you are not satisfied in any way for the service that has been delivered, Harmonised World gives you a 100% Love Us Or Get Your Money Back Guarantee for all our Life and Business Programmes also Life and Business Mentoring Coaching.

    For more information talk to us or contact us to request our Terms and Conditions.

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    We have a long history of working with organisations to help them to understand their leadership challenges and identify the most appropriate interventions. Our aim is to help businesses and organisations build their own sustainable capability for improvement.  Harmonised World Business Solution Learning Programmes, aimed at those wanting a smarter, sharper, better business and life.  If you knew that a better business and life was easily within your grasp, would you take advantage of it?

    If you would like to commission a Project or Programme, or to arrange an informal and friendly chat to learn more about Harmonised World Business Solution Learning Programmes contact us.