Don't wait. Life goes faster than you think. Be more effective, valuable and enriched. The Ultimate Journey. Life Learning Programmes Ignoring signs can take you to the wrong destination. Learn how to make better decisions with our You didn’t come this far, to only come this far. Life Mentoring Coaching Learn the skills to not only survive but thrive. Health is your greatest wealth. Get your body and mind into shape. KickStart Health Boot-Camp.

Our Programmes Are Designed To Make Your Life Better

Harmonised World Life Solution Learning Programmes are unique, comprehensive and entertaining. Aimed at those wanting a smarter, sharper, better life. You are guided through step-by-step proven systems, receiving the detailed focus you need, with support to ensure that you not only attain the results you seek, but that you do so more quickly, with less pain, and far greater joy than you ever imagined possible.

Life Solution Learning Programmes are designed for…

  • Individuals who want to improve their skills for better financial, career and life opportunities
  • Business owners and executives who want improve their life at home and at work
  • Couples who want to put the effort in to having an extraordinary life and relationship
  • Organisations who are looking for assistance for developing and training their staff and teams

Our programmes are designed to…

  • Identify your brain modality style and preferences
  • Understand why you do the things you do, and how to change
  • Overcome the blocks that prevent you from achieving what you want
  • Identify and achieve your goals, setting new standards for yourself
  • Be pushed and be held accountable to your actions
  • Dramatically improve the quality of your life and relationships
  • Build your confidence and self-esteem, overcoming self-negativity
  • Manage your time effectively and do the work you want to do
  • Achieve well-being and happiness in all aspects of your life

We offer our Life Solution Learning Programmes in 2 ways

  1. Onsite at your location
  2. Offsite at an agreed location

Programme Dates & Location

Each of our Programmes are delivered exclusively on demand throughout the year, wherever our clients need us around the world. During our initial communications we will agree the best method of delivery for your learning or for delivery to your organisation.

Tuition & Investment

Harmonised World provides all educational and curriculum creation, delivery for the agreed programme period with Mentoring.

Our programmes offer

  • Quality and Value for Investment
  • Return on Investment Results
  • Support/Coaching/Mentoring/Accountability
  • Delivery/Measuring/Monitoring
  • Experiencing the Results of Working with Harmonised World

GlobeThe Ultimate Journey

The Ultimate Journey
18 Day Programme With Mentoring

How is it that some people, even in the most difficult economic times, find a way not only to succeed financially, but to make a difference in other people’s lives and be fulfilled? In a world changing so rapidly, how do we balance our time, our emotions, our physical energy, our relationships, and our financial world in a way that creates true personal success and fulfilment?

Surely working harder is not the answer. The secret to massively accelerating the quality of your life is to learn from-and personally model those who have found a way to master their inner world as well as the external environment. The second secret is to place yourself in an environment with an uninterrupted focus on developing the habits that guarantee the achievement of your ultimate desires. That environment is The Ultimate Journey – Accelerate Results Programme.

In designing The Ultimate Journey – Accelerate Results Programme we asked two simple questions: “What are the most important skills a person must master in order to live a quality life? And what would a programme have to contain in order for us to want to commit time and resources to attend?”

  • The Ultimate Journey
    18 Day Programme with Mentoring

    True masters that have become the legends of history, have one thing in common.  They have committed themselves to a journey of growing themselves. Start your journey now.

healthHealth & Wellbeing

KickStart Health Boot-Camp
3 Day Programme With Mentoring

Without our health, nothing matters. You can have any workout plan, any gym membership, any piece of gym equipment, any logging software what gets you results is your mindset and the standards you have for yourself. You cannot be effective in your physical relationships, your career, your finances, your friendships, your quality of life diminishes exponentially without health.

Most of us take our bodies for granted. Until something goes wrong, we experience “dis-ease” or until we lose functionality in some capacity, we often put our physical wellbeing last on our list of priorities. Whether or not you realise it, your body is constantly eliminating toxins, nourishing organs, and struggling to regenerate new life for you. Your body is the foundation where all of your passion and the energy needed to fulfil your dreams.

We often neglect what we know is most important, only to regret our decisions when our rushed lifestyles catch up with our neglected health and poor habits. Busy lifestyles, stress, easy access to fast foods, exposure to toxic chemicals, and a diminished quality of our food supply require that we take control and actively pursue the health, energy and vitality we all desire and deserve now.

  • KickStart Book Camp
    3 Day Programme with Mentoring

    The hard part is not getting your body into shape.  The hard part is getting your mind in shape. Let’s make it happen together.

  • CommunicationCommunication & Emotions

    What’s Going On In My Head

    3 Day Programme With Mentoring

    What emotional state do you spend most of your time? It will have a direct impact on your attitude and behaviour, which then in turn impacts how you interact with people, the decisions you take, and the results of those actions. Confidence can be created or destroyed by the way we think. No matter how much we have achieved in any area of our lives, true fulfilment can only be found in one thing, how we manage our emotions. Our emotions are our experience of life.

    Emotions can be the start of wars, they can also end them. Fear, anger, resentment, frustration, sadness hatred, these are thoughts that are created and supported by anything we choose to believe. Emotions can be our reward or punishment, our heaven or hell on earth. Why in the world, when we have unlimited choices, world a person experience pain on a consistent basis?

    Dealing with other human beings can be trying on the most patient of people. Why do they do the things they do, and more importantly why do we do the things we do. Deep down our fear that we are not enough, or our fear that we won’t be loved is what holds us back.

  • What’s Going On In My Head
    3 Day Programme with Mentoring

    Our emotions are our experience of life. Change your thoughts, change your emotions, change your world. Learn to be a more happier, engergised, confident version of yourself.

  • relationshipRelationships – Personal/Professional

    I Love Your Love
    3 Day Programme With Mentoring

    If emotions are our experience of life, relationships are our connection to the world. If you are not happy in any relationship, you are not happy. Traditionally we think of relationships as intimate, monogamous relations. Though relationships are part of all of our lives not just with a loved one. Relationships with family members, friends, student and teachers, bosses and employees, shops and their customers, artist and their inspirations, taxi drivers and their fares, are some of the connections that make allow the world to function. Without relationships the world would be a dull, lonely place.

    When was the last time you took to an honest and thorough review of all your relationships, not only your intimate, but also your business connections, friendships and family ties? What have your past intimate relationships been like? What does friendship really mean to you? Why do clients leave a company? After all your relationships and networks are proportional to your net worth.

    Not understanding the key principles to an outstanding extraordinary relationship has caused couples to accelerate towards the brink of break up, friends to fall out, business/work relationships to go sour with a high price to pay from the physical, emotional, and financial impact.

  • I Love Your Love
    3 Day Programme with Mentoring

    Misunderstandings and lack of communication are the basis for problems between people. Relationships are our connection to the world, they will shape your destiny.

  • alarm-clock-with-bellsTime and Finance

    Your Money or Your Life
    3 Day Programme With Mentoring

    There are so many things competing for and demanding your focus in life. If you don’t make a conscious effort to control your focus (by deciding in advance where you are going to put your emotions, time and energy) – you will be pulled by the demands of the world that you will find yourself living a life of reaction rather than anticipation of actualisation of your dreams, which require planning. Without that process, fear, pleasure and other people’s demands take over your focus including your emotions, time and energy.

    You may have heard the expression ‘time is money’. Your ability to use your time effectively with the skills you possess, are the methods for which we are usually financially rewarded. Creating wealth is simple, yet most people fail to build it because they have poor financial foundations, internal value and belief conflicts, saving and spending habits, as well as poor plans.

    In today’s society no area of a person’s life carries as much stress or potential for stress as finances. People are often willing to give up things much more valuable than money in order to get more of it. We push ourselves, giving up spending time with family and friends, ruining relationships and even destroying our health. Learn how to take control of your time and finances to be able to live a more productive and fulfilling life.

  • Your Money Or Your Life
    3 Day Programme with Mentoring

    We all have 24hrs. How you use your time, is your life experience. The future depends on what we do in the present. Learn how the most successful manage their life and money.

  • workWork, Career, Business

    Where Am I Going, What Do I Need
    3 Day Programme With Mentoring

    Are you in the right job? Career choices are life choices. To be the best in your job, to advance your career or further your business, getting clear about why you work, and what you are working for, can accelerate your results. Financially speaking, people without money believe the primary reason to work is to earn money to pay for their current LIFESTYLE. Wealthy people believe the primary reason to work is to earn money to INVEST and to create INCOME STRUCTURES so they can win the money game and become financial free.

    In today’s constantly changing global marketplace, economic uncertainty has taken its toll — on employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. Companies downsize and jobs disappear as entire industries decline and disappear. Markets are constantly in flux and debt structures are at an all-time high.

    What type of professional development tools and skills will allow you to not only to survive any changes in the economy, but thrive regardless of the business landscape? The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a life of will.

  • Where Am I Going, What Do I Need
    3 Day Programme with Mentoring

    If you keep doing what you’ve always done, then you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. Working harder is not the answer. It’s time to put your life to work for you at a whole new level.

  • spiritualLife, Legacy, Purpose

    Enlightened Contribution
    3 Day Programme With Mentoring

    It is normal to wish to lead a meaningful life which has a beneficial impact on those around us. However grand it might sound, wanting to ‘change the world’ is a proper and mature ambition. We live during a period of human history in which, perhaps for the first time, no single religion or philosophy dominates. We now have great freedom around religious practice, but while many of us feel little or no inclination to follow a particular religion, we are nonetheless conscious of what might be called ‘the God-shaped hole’.

    Why are you who you are? Self-Enlightenment is a sacred journey. It is the journey upon which all human beings will ultimately embark. True knowledge is always achieved through penetration. Something enters into us and becomes a part of us.

    What you see in life depends upon which eyes you look through. Lifting your focus of vision from ordinary consciousness with all of its “ups” and “downs” to your higher and illumined mind allows your soul’s desires to be fulfilled. You experience a greater perspective and clarity of vision that allows you to make choices with discernment and wisdom.

  • Enlightened Contribution
    3 Day Programme with Mentoring

    If there is no balance in your ’Inner’ world, there will be none in your ‘Outer’ world, for harmony always begins within. Learn about epistemological theory, world religions, spirituality, chakras and much more.

  • favorite-heart Love Us Or Get Your Money Back

    Our promise Love Us Or Get Your Money Back. One of the most common reasons given for not getting help when needed, is the lack of confidence in getting the changes and improvements being sought, causing reluctance to risk money. It doesn’t have to be this way.  Rather than think about how much it would cost and ‘what happens if…’, we have made easy your decision to start and let the results speak for themselves. If you are not satisfied in any way for the service that has been delivered, Harmonised World gives you a 100% Love Us Or Get Your Money Back Guarantee for all our Programmes and Mentoring Coaching.

    For more information talk to us or contact us to request our Terms and Conditions.

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