Project Description


Our main focus is working with our clients to help them develop and implement their strategies. However, around a third of our time is spent venturing and risk-based work, where we invest our own time and resources in generating transaction ideas, and in helping to build and finance developing businesses.

We partner with management teams who are committed to build and grow sustainable enterprises, we then create value through active operational expertise. We assist in implementing strategy, managing growth, change, and crisis.

In providing solutions and venturing we operate at different ends of the scale bringing ideas, approaches and people from one to the other. In fact, our distinctive approach to solutions owes much to our involvement with ventures. In ventures, there is reward only for success. In solutions, making our clients successful is often explicitly part of how we are rewarded.

We approach financial transactions and investments from the perspective of an investor, not just an advisor, which we believe keeps the focus on maximizing value and investment return.

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