Who We Are

Our Driving Force


  Every organisation’s purpose is its driving force. It embodies the actions and behaviours of its people. Harmonised World’s purpose was born with the following vision… “To inspire and nurture the human spirit through individuals, businesses, and communities harnessing the collective action for progressing society and benefiting the planet.” To achieve this vision our Team [...]

What We Do


  When something needs to improve in life or business, that’s when we get introduced. Harmonised World provides Strategic Advisory, Training & Investment services to individuals, international SME businesses, local and national organisational teams and charities. Clients turn to us when they realise they are facing challenges that require practical approaches and the guarantee of [...]

Solutions Communities Ventures


  Solutions Harmonised World Solutions centres its core activities around bringing harmony to life and business. We create learning experiences for individuals and organisations to undergo towards a more effective, valuable, enriched existence. Communities Harmonised World Communities is a cooperative network working for economic, social and environmental benefit. We connect organisations and facilitate joint venture [...]



  Our main focus is working with our clients to help them develop and implement their strategies. However, around a third of our time is spent venturing and risk-based work, where we invest our own time and resources in generating transaction ideas, and in helping to build and finance developing businesses. We partner with management [...]

Join Our Team


  Great people, we believe, deliver to their highest potential when both work and life environments are aligned. We aim to provide this. Please submit your CV and reasons why you think you should be part of the Harmonised World Team to recruitment@harmonisedworld.com.   We have no job vacancies at this current time.

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